Here to initiate the Golden Age.

 We are all dreaming of a better future. A future with endless freedom, abundance and love. Now the time has come to bring the future into the now. Because as we create divine timing. We get to define the Golden Age. Summoning the leaders who share the same vision. Who feel the calling. Together we will start the most profound revolution. Together we initiate the Golden Age.

 - It is your duty to join -

 It is your duty to become a Golden Healer. 

 To embody the Golden Age.

 To heal our world with your existence.

 With your presence. 

 With your light. 

 With your touch. 

 With your love. 

 Will you rise? 

 The moment has come to create the bridge between the future and the now.

 Break the illusion of separation.

 Between the Golden Age and our World.

 Between the future and the now.

 Between you and me. 

 Become a Golden Healer 

 Rise as the powerful healer you are meant to be, in order to guide the most transformative healings for your clients and the collective.


6 Weeks Intensive 

 each group is limited to 7 spaces 


08.05.2022 German Group

14.06.2022 English Group

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*Foundation of our Lightbody, Luminous-self, Merkaba and the higher Cosmic Bodies as well as the higher and lower Dimensions Work 

* Initiation into higher Light-energies from ascended Light-Civilisations like the Hathors, Tara Bodhisattva Consciousness and the Divine Christ Consciousness 

* Establishing the Divine Order, Energetic Spine Alignment as well as Energetic clearing of cell fluids *Methods and Treatments for the Energy Healing of our Physical System, Organs etc. Cell *Communication, DNA and Cell clearing and activating Light-Codes Activation and download

Before the journey: 

New Earth Medicine provides the participants with a self-based course „GOLDEN PRIESTESS“ as a preparation BEFORE joining GOLDEN HEALER. GOLDEN PRIESTESS is a powerful journey through the mysteries for „starters“ to build the foundation for our work. The GOLDEN PRIESTESS is a Knowledge-base based on the PREMIUM PROGRAM „PRIESTESS OF THE NEW EARTH."

During 6 weeks:

 6 x theory sessions with Alexandra Shvarova or a Golden Healer Teacher

3 x embodiment session with our Support Coach

 6 x distant healing with Alexandra Shvarova or a Golden Healer Teacher

 Private Groupe Support Chat in Telegram For our journey with a support coach 

After our journey: 

Limitless access to the Knowledge-base  and Facebook SUPPORT GROUP GOLDEN HEALER

 Each online meeting will contain powerful healings, wisdom and transformation for your growth. Important to know about the journey to become a Golden Healer is that we are not only acquire knowledge and theory, even more precious is that download the „information“ in our cells and harvest it straight in our system. In this container you will live, clarify and embody the entire process of initiation in your DNA memory.

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“For legal reasons, I would like to point out that my consultations and this course are not medical treatments or therapies. The counseling methods offered cannot replace medical treatment through diagnosis or therapy by a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner. My job is good for healthy lifestyle and relaxation. My accompaniment and this course serve to stimulate the learning-oriented and development-supporting processes in the client. My intention is to provide inspiration and help for self-help. My advice is based on a spiritual background. "
Lots of light and love,
Alexandra Shvarova
Founder of New Earth Medicine

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exclusive 1:1 Soul Mentoring Sessions with the founder and channel of Golden Healer, Alexandra Shvarova.

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